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Felix's Staff Picks

Andrea Abi-Karam (Editor)
Current price: $22.95
2021 LAMBDA LITERARY AWARD FINALIST Finalist for the Publishing Triangle Award for Trans and Gender-Variant Literature Editors Andrea Abi-Karam and Kay Gabriel offer We Want it All: An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics as an experiment into how far literature, written from an identitarian standpoin... Read More about
Ocean Vuong
Current price: $24.00
The New York Times-bestselling collection of poems from the award-winning writer Ocean Vuong "Take your time with these poems, and return to them often.” —The Washington Post How else do we return to ourselves but to foldThe page so it points to the good part   In this deeply intimate second poetry ... Read More about
Callum Angus
Current price: $20.00
A Natural History of Transition is a collection of short stories that disrupts the notion that trans people can only have one transformation. Like the landscape studied over eons, change does not have an expiration date for these trans characters, who grow as tall as buildings, turn into mountains, ... Read More about
Caio Abreu
Current price: $20.00
Caio Fernando Abreu is one of those authors who is picked up by every generation. Surreal and gripping stories about desire, tyranny, fear, and love, from one of Brazil’s greatest queer writers, whose work is appearing in English for the first time. In 18 gripping and daring stories filled with tens... Read More about
Alex DiFrancesco
Current price: $16.95
Transgressive, transformative short stories that explore the margins of trans lives. Building on the success of All City, here is a wry, and at the same time dark and risk-taking, story collection from author (and baker) Alex DiFrancesco that pushes the boundaries of transgender awareness and filial... Read More about
Megan Milks
Current price: $17.95
"Carefully considered, successful instances of experimental fiction" disrupt gender, genre, and identity in this deranged, otherworldly collection (Literary Hub). A woman metamorphoses into a giant slug; another quite literally eats her heart out; a wasp falls in love with an orchid; and hair starts... Read More about
Billy-Ray Belcourt
Current price: $15.99
Lambda Literary Award, Finalist / A Best Book of 2020 --Kirkus Reviews, Book Riot, CBC, Globe and Mail, Largehearted Boy. Stunning... Happiness, this beautiful book says, is the ultimate act of resistance. --Michelle Hart, O, The Oprah Magazine The youngest ever winner of the Griffin Prize mines his... Read More about
Hannah Baer
Current price: $13.00
Literary Nonfiction. LGBTQIA Studies. Edited by Clare Kelly. one part ketamine spiral, one part confessional travelogue from the edge of gender, TGSM is a hallucinatory transmission on sex, identity, the internet, and the flickering wish not to exist in a given body at a given point in time. TGSM ra... Read More about
NATIONAL BOOK CRITICS CIRCLE AWARD WINNER • The first full history of Black America’s shocking mistreatment as unwilling and unwitting experimental subjects at the hands of the medical establishment. No one concerned with issues of public health and racial justice can afford not to read this masterf... Read More about
Essays on the contemporary continuum of incarceration: the biopolitics of juvenile delinquency, predatory policing, the political economy of fees and fines, and algorithmic policing. What we see happening in Ferguson and other cities around the country is not the creation of livable spaces, but the... Read More about
Keito Gaku
Current price: $12.99
A transgender teen named Ryo finds an escape from the expectations and anxieties of his daily life in the world of street fashion. This personal, heartfelt, fictional story from a transgender manga creator made waves in Japan and will inspire readers all over the world! Best Books for Teens 2021 sel... Read More about
Oto Toda
Current price: $12.99
A moving collection of six short stories that explores what must be stripped away to find the truth and celebrates the beauty of embracing who you are. Chiaki Ogawa has never doubted that he is a boy, although the rest of the world has not been as kind. Bound by his mother’s dying wish, Chiaki tries... Read More about